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"Aroha is love, and if you give it away, it will always come back to you".

Aroha is the name of the mountain that our centre and our town sit on. Our mountain of love is the ideal place for a place like ours to exist. In the year 2001, we opened our doors and created a space for people looking for an escape from day-to-day life and the chance to express themselves. We achieve this within a nurturing, creative and safe judgement free space where people are free to express themselves and step into worlds that can only be achieved through Aroha and the imagination of everyone who come through our doors. 

At the centre, we help develop creativity within each individual and in doing so, we help them to build confidence, respect, and develop their creative skills with a positive outlook and family values that are tried, tested, and true. Thousands of children have gone through our creative classes over our 20+ years of serving the community and many of them have done amazing things with their lives in the years since. Everyone in our community is welcome through our doors regardless of background or circumstances and it is alongside aroha from our community that we have been able to grow as a centre and as the trust who facilitates it. Without community spirit we would not be where we are today. With Aroha, the journey of life is a bit smoother and life is richer than any amount of gold.

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